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Make a room Statement! with Rustic Cabin Rugs

Finding the right rustic cabin rugs to finish any room is or can be a challenge. Wildlife theme rugs, rustic period rugs, and cabin rugs for the bathroom, bedroom, or great room can all be found here. Rustic rugs are meant for wood or faux wood floors and can really bring out your theme to a room (besides making the floor warmer and quieter to walk on).
Our cabin rug story…
My wife Melissa and I selected a large rug for the middle of the room. Once we put it in, we decided we did not like it very much and we are searching again for another one. We are looking for a western theme or something rustic cabin like but we seem to be at an interior design crossroads. What we also discovered is that our dog Sarah tends to be pretty muddy a lot of the time in the winter and tracks in a lot of dirt on that rug a lot. So our focus now has been to look for an easy cleaning rug. Our cabin addition is the main access to our home and the most traffic comes through that room, so the ease of cleaning is at the top of the search list for the next rug.
Melissa selected a wolf door mat rug for the entry way one day on impulse because she liked it, Sarah our dog liked it too. Sarah would lay on it every time she entered the room so it now has become Sarah’s bed. It’s apparent that Sarah the family Dog rules in our house.
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