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Native American Decor-For those that seek and listen- Call of the Wild!

Nothing is more American than Native American Art. Find authentic American Indian artwork, handicrafts, decorative items, leather, baskets, rugs and other hand-crafted items. Native American people were green before green was a word. Living off the land and giving honor, respect, and harmony with nature. The first rustic homes and simple living was pioneered by the Native American people in our country.
My Native American Neighbors…
In Southern Oregon I lived near the Klamath Indian Tribe that are the native people of Klamath River basin. In northern California we lived near the Karuk Indian tribe. When I lived on the Olympic peninsula in Washington state, near La Push which was where the Quileute tribe resided; and yes long before the vampire books and subsequent movies were written and supposed to have taken place. Ha! All of these places, the rivers and fishing was a part of their cultures. Being near and around this, I think had an impact upon me in my growing up years, and being around things that remind me of those years and memories make me feel at home.  
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