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Horse Decor | Saddle Up! We have the decor your looking for!

Browse through our listed horse décor items and discover one of a kind pieces to complete your rustic home project. Horse folk art, bedding, wall art, and related horse décor items can be viewed and compared here. 
Horses and the Folks that own them...
All of my friends that own horses will tell you that horses are a lot of work, but worth every minute of it! Having taken care of horses for a short time on and off; they take a lot of daily work to take care of, from feed, shoveling stalls, haying, you name it. Horses take time and money to properly take care of.
There is a bond that forms between the horse and owner and most people that I know that own them. It is no surprise to me that horse stealing was a capital offense in our country at one time and horses has been an integral part of our history.
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