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Define your room with- Rustic cabin Decor Lighting!

 Find high end- discounted- rustic cabin décor lighting and rustic lighting to fit every room in your home. Browse our inventory of table and floor lamps, ceiling lights, and wall sconces. We present a broad collection of quality faux reproduction antler lighting as well as high end real antler lighting
Our selected inventory is constantly updated and stocks are rotated and updated so keep coming back and check back in with us, if you do not find exactly what you are looking for.
                                                             Rustic Cabin Decor Lighting
Our rustic lighting story…
My wife Melissa and I spent a lot of time deciding on what rustic lighting we wanted in our own addition. We planned on having a large flat screen television placed over the bar in the room, and we thought some back lighting would be good to give the option to have some in direct light, so we could turn out the rest of the lights in the room for a theater effect.
Also we wanted to put some ceiling fan lights overhead to help move air and cool the room in the summer and to help circulate the air in the winter when we were running the wood stove. We debated on some antler lighting but we decided to go another direction instead. What we found was some matching blast glass lantern style lights with the ceiling fans and some wall lamps that look like lanterns hanging from the wall. Made a real cool look and functional. 
Finally, we searched a long time many places to find the sentinel chandelier to meet our rustic cabin décor lighting need. What we ended up with was a wagon wheel ceiling light that really fit our style pictured above.
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