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Wolf Cabin Decor| Celebrate the Wolf through our Collections!

Shop and find bargain buys on wolf cabin décor items. From wolf lamps, wall art, wolf comforter sets and shower curtains. Wolf cabin theme decorations, carvings, and pelts are just some of the one of hard to find items on stock here. Wolf décor has become a very in demand theme and we have them priced at rock bottom prices.
My wolf pelt story…
My last (my only moose hunt for that matter) moose hunt was in upper Alberta. I became friends with my guide. Besides being a hunting guide, he was a trapper during the winter. At that time and perhaps it is still the case, the trappers there are required to sell their pelts to provincial sponsored buyers that set prices. To make a long story short it seemed to be at the trapper’s expense.
I tried to assist him by attempting to find some buyers here in the states for his furs and he sent me this pelt to be able to show people. I did not have much luck finding new markets for his pelts but he ended up finding another guy like me that got him very connected. He told me to keep the pelt that he sent for my trouble and it sits on my wall in my cabin addition to this very day.  I have seen a wild wolf in Wyoming and several in Canada…they are amazing animals.
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