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Home > Vintage Skis | A must have decor item for any lodge or alpine cabin!

Vintage Skis | A must have decor item for any lodge or alpine cabin!

Nothing captures the look and theme of a rustic décor ski lodge room than a set of vintage skis. Antique skis and poles on the wall make a great statement piece for outdoor winter sports of yester year. Old wood skis bamboo ski poles with leather bindings fits most any mountain cabin where snow and skiing is prevalent. Browse and shop our collection below.
Antique Skis...
Skis made of wood was the prevalent material for almost a millennia. Most wooden skis were hand carved. Around the turn of the century, laminated wood construction was developed. Bindings were made of leather and later metal that simply strapped to the tip of the boot to the ski.  Boots were also originally made of leather with the toe of the boot was adapted with an attachment for the binding; later still when sports with skis began to evolve, so did the equipment.
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Vintage Snow Skiis on Sale

Vintage Wooden Skis 70
Vintage Wooden Skis 70" /Snow Skiis ROSSKOPF West Germany
Very Nice Vintage Wooden Skis 80
Very Nice Vintage Wooden Skis 80" Long Snow Skiis LABELS GREAT L@@K!
LOVELY Vintage Wooden Skis 78
LOVELY Vintage Wooden Skis 78" RED Snow Skiis NICE L@@K!!
Nice Vintage Wooden Skis 73
Nice Vintage Wooden Skis 73" GREEN 'Snow White' Snow Skiis L@@K!!
GREAT VINTAGE Wooden Skis 'Chalet' 80
GREAT VINTAGE Wooden Skis 'Chalet' 80" RED Snow Skiis W@W!
Vintage Wooden Skis 80
Vintage Wooden Skis 80" Snow Skiis GREAT DECOR L@@K!
NICE Vintage WOODEN Skis 71
NICE Vintage WOODEN Skis 71" Snow Skiis GREAT DECOR!
GREAT OLD Vintage Wooden Skis 76
GREAT OLD Vintage Wooden Skis 76" Snow Skiis L@@K!

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