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Sarah’s Corner- My picks for Dog Rustic Décor Decorating and Dog Cabin Décor

Browse my top picks for dog rustic décor decorating and related dog cabin décor items. I have given my paw print of approval for the items to this page and I hope you find what you are looking for.
Sarah's paw print of approval! I like this page!sarah
                                    Sarah's insights-Rustic-Decor-Guide
                                                              Sarah’s story…
A summer ago I was dumped off by the side of a gravel road by some mail boxes with my four young puppies in the country. I did not know what to do? I stayed at the mail boxes keeping my puppies safe as I could hoping my owner would come and pick us up. We were there for two days.
This nice lady brought us some water and food by the mailboxes but I was scared. I would not come near her but she was very kind and after two days she brought my puppies to their porch. I went with them, but I would not get on the porch. After a week I would come near her and I would let her pet me, her name is Melissa.
Over the next month she found homes for my puppies and she and her family adopted me. Now I am a very happy dog! I live in the country running in the woods every day, play with my family, and I have a great life. I gave my paw print of approval to the rustic home decorating that has been going around here and I have given my input to dog cabin décor items listed below. 
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