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Nautical Ships Wheel | Complete your beach cottage with a ships pilot wheel! -- Rustic Home Decor Guide

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Nautical Ships Wheel | Complete your beach cottage with a ship pilot wheel!

A nautical ships wheel fits any rustic maritime room that you may be working on. Find the size and style below that fits your room below.
Ships wheels with their signature hand hold pegs on the end of the wheel is a highly recognizable steering wheel for steering a ship. Wheels were connected to ropes and chains that were attached to the rudder of the ship to steer it right (starboard) or left (port).
The ships wheel were oversized with lots of hand holds to gain leverage and mechanical advantage to overcome the resistance of the ropes and or chains that connected the wheel to the rudder. Today’s ships are connected to hydraulics and the need for ships steering wheels are not needed.
Ocean ships and or river boats had ships wheels for steering. Nautical ships wheels have a nostalgic feel for the good old days and make great décor items for nautical wall art. Finding a real antique or quality reproduction are awesome statement pieces for completing a maritime themed room.
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