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Moose Sheds | Make Fantastic Cabin Accent Pieces!

Moose sheds and moose decor antlers are a rustic cabin accent that fits in almost any cabin. Browse and view antler sheds as decorative items below.
Moose and Moose Sheds...
There are four major North American species of moose. The Alaskan moose, the largest, resided in Alaska and the Yukon territories of Canada. The Northwestern or sometimes known as the Canadian Moose, resides in north central Canada. The Eastern moose is located in Maine, Labrador, and the provinces in the North east corner of Canada. The Shiras Moose, the smallest species, is located in Utah, Wyoming, and parts of Idaho.  Pictured above is a Shiras Moose shed that I picked up while Elk hunting in Wyoming many years ago. I have placed my moose shed as an accent piece on an end table in my rustic cabin family room.

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