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Hunting Lodge Decor- I'm a hunter and I want this stuff!

Find hunting lodge decor decorating ideas to outfit your cabin or rustic home. Quality hunting décor faux wall mounts, wall art, vintage signs, and related items at bargain pricing.   
Peaches and Me…an elk hunt of hunts...and yes, this is a picture of a Mule deer buck, ha!
by Edward on Dec 2, 2013
in Rustic Home Décor Times
Many years ago now, but I remember it like yesterday…. I drove the 30 hour trip for a second time to the Teton National park, Wyoming from Indiana with but a single 4 hour sleep break in the back of my Chevy Blazer at some no name rest area, thinking of meeting my dad, Lew, friends, and the big elk hunt that would start once I got there. I drove through the day and most of the night getting to the camp about 430 a.m. full well knowing that everyone would be getting up and getting ready for the opening day and they had already started heading out.
The plan was to have everyone spread out along a road several miles from camp and slowly hike towards camp and look to see what happened. Having got to the camp late, everyone else had jumped out on the far end of the dead end road and dad and I were closest to the highway. After about an hour into it we hit the highway road…I was some disgruntled with that, feeling like we were wasting our time and we took pause to think of a plan and hatched one. We decided to walk the highway road double time, loop around and hopefully have our string of hunters push elk toward us or dad and me to push elk towards them…We both thought this to be a great idea!
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