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How to make a rustic custom sign for decorating your home interior or exterior.

by Edward on Feb 1, 2014
in Rustic Home Décor Times
What you will need:
·         1” x 3” boards two to three feet long of various odd lengths two to three feet in length or
·         Land scape stakes or
·         Fence pickets
·         Paint stirring sticks or similar wood
·         Wood Stain
·         Vinyl letters from hardware store
·         Liquid nails or similar glue
·         Picture hanging hardware, hook, wire etc.
Take the stakes, boards, or pickets and lay them flat with the pickets lying in one direction and then glue the paint stirring sticks to the back of the sign, one at the top bottom, and one across the middle of the boards. Once dry, place the vinyl lettering on the sign in the saying you wish. i.e. "My old Kentucky home", "The Call of the wild- I answered", or whatever makes good sense for you.
Stain the boards over the vinyl lettering. Once dry, peel the vinyl lettering away which will reveal the unpainted/unstained wood underneath reveling a rustic lettering. Attach the picture mounting hardware to the back side of the sign and mount accordingly. Darker stains tend to give more contrast lettering.
Your finished product will give you a custom sign that can be matched stain wise to other rustic décor items in your room, giving a matching appearance.

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