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Fireplace Cabin Decor-Keeps the home fires burning and then some!

Find fireplace ideas including mantels,wood stoves, fireplace tools,accessories and related decorative items for outfitting your cabin, lodge or cabin. Find unique decorating ideas to define your own rustic home décor project.
Firewood, firewood, and more firewood…
One of the common sights on the frontier and rustic cabin was stockpiles of firewood. Firewood had to be cut, split, and stacked to prepare for winters. Besides fuel for heat for their homes, firewood was the fuel to cook, heat water to do laundry, bathe, clean etc. Firewood was essential component to survival and lots of time was devoted to this necessary chore.
Vintage saws, axes, and decorative fireplaces is an essential rustic décor focal point to any room. Fireplace bellows, andirons, bellows, and related fireplace items were essential items found near the fire.  
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Fireplace folk art
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Fireplace art
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