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Home > Elk Heads| Bugling Bull Elk! Elk mounts and antlers are here!

Elk Heads| Bugling Bull Elk! Elk mounts and antlers are here!

A bull elk and their crown of antlers are one of the most majestic images of wildlife in the West. Many would consider the ultimate hunter’s challenge and a elk mount or head is a high demand item for mountain lodge cabin decor.
About Elk…
Elk are a herd animal which are herd animals. Meaning that most of the year a group of elk tend to be led by a lead cow elk, except during the rut. Of which a lead bull will coral his harem of cows and fight against satellite (smaller less dominant bulls) from crowding into his herd.
Elk are grazers vs. browsers. Meaning that most elk graze on grass, wheat, grains, and the like vs. browsing on shrubs and tree bark. Moose on the other hand tend to be browsers predominately vs. graze. This is the primary reason Moose do not do well in domestic situations as elk do. Their digestive system requires tree bark, shrubs, and similar browse and it is difficult to get the volume of feed to keep a Moose outside of the wild.
Roosevelt elk are in the costal ranges of Washington state and Oregon. Tule elk that I know of reside in small geography in Central California. Most elk that the majority of us are familiar with are the Rocky mountain variety which populate most of the Western mountain states.
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