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Home > Coyote Mounts | Stop the Howling! We have coyote rustic décor items here!

Coyote Mounts | Stop the Howling! We have coyote rustic décor items here!

Coyote decorating décor items for decorating your cabin, lodge, or mountain rustic home; view, compare, and shop our collection of coyote mounts.
Eastern Coyotes are part wolf?
Today’s eastern coyote on the average weigh between 45- to 55 pounds in contrast to western coyotes weigh 35- to 40 pounds. Some recent genetic DNA studies have shown that the Eastern coyote is part wolf, which explains some of the size difference.
Coyotes are extremely adaptable. They often hunt alone when preying on smaller animals, but can take down larger game working together such as deer. Some coyotes have learned to hunt domestic cats and dogs and others still are opportunistic and feed on garbage.
Howling is a common form of communication in which family groups communicate to one another, as well as family packs communicate to other packs against trespassing through their territory. Populations are on the rise despite efforts to curb their numbers.
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