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Coyote Decor | Wild Dawg Decor is Here!

Browse and click over our inventory of coyote décor items for your next rustic home decorating project. Nothing speaks the call of the wild than listening to the mournful howl of a coyote barking at the dead of night: and nothing captures the look and feel of a deep woods cabin of coyote inspired home decorative items.
Coyotes, coyotes, and more coyotes-
Maybe nothing is more reviled in nature in our country at least, as the wily coyote. I am not exactly sure why they got that label of distinction, but I am guessing it is because of its raids on farmers livestock, chickens, and the like no doubt. Everywhere I have lived there have been coyotes. The problem for us is where we live at least there are too many.
We recently lost a few cats and one prior to showing up missing had got pretty chewed up, and we were told it was coyote most likely by our vet. Coyotes it seems have learned to be very adaptable around people and are a concern not to be taken lightly. Since our dog Sarah came to live with us, we have not had anymore cats go missing. Unlike the reviled status we have of them in the states, many Indians in Old Mexico revere them- as can be reflected in their folk art as illustrated in this mask pictured above.  
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