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Bows and Arrows decor | Native American Decor

Native American Bow and arrows are art and craftsmanship all in themselves. Bows and arrows decor are great decorative pieces capturing Native American Décor.
The bow…
The traditional North American bow was flat compared to the European long bow. Bows were constructed of hickory, ash, maple, Osage orange, yew or of related local hardwoods that were available to the Indian’s home region. Bow strings were typically made of sinew. Sinew is the tendon of deer or buffalo tendon.
Arrows were made of cedar or related wood that had arrow heads made of stone flint, obsidian, jasper that could be knapped (chipped) into shape and then affixed to the arrow shaft with soaked sinew (it shrinks when it dries) holding the arrow head fast. Home-made glue would affix feathers to the end of the arrow to aid straight flight.
The end of the arrow would be split and a piece of horn or bone would be bound at the end (with sinew) giving the nock strength to receive the string. Many hours were required in the process of building this equipment by hand and quality bows and arrows were a prized possession of any warrior.  
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