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Bear Cabin Decor: Bring the Bears into your home!

Bear cabin décor items are here and bargain priced! Find unique bear décor wall art, bear carvings, comforter sets, rugs, and much more. Bear decorating themes are really hot right now and find a full range of decorative theme items at one place here.
Our respect for bears...
I have lived in bear country most of my life. I have grown a healthy respect for bears. I never really cared for the taste of bear meat so I never really desired to ever hunt them. My experience has taught me to avoid startling a bear (surprise) so when not hunting, I make a considerable amount of racket moving about in bear country.
Mama bear with cubs and park bears that have got used to being around people scare me the most. I mean they are the bears that tend to cause the most problems with people. Never run from a bear, they are faster than you and you can trigger a chase prey reflex in them. More often than not-they will chase you if you run. Slowly back away and put some space between you and the bear. If the bear comes to you be loud and yell and lift your jacket overhead to make yourself big, and make you look less like prey.  
If you do decide to run, just make sure you are in the woods with a friend that is slower than you. Ha! All kidding aside, bears can be serious business and it is always smart to know what you are going to do before it happens and get educated prior to venturing out into bear country.

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